Steel Joists, Decks and Girders:Underline

Steel Joists

Steel joists are structural load-carrying members with an open web system. Utilizing hot rolled steel, they support floors and roofs. Steel joists are designed as simple span members. MBS provides K, LH and DLH series steel joists, designed per the specification of the Steel Joist Institute (SJI).

K Series 60 Standard specifications for open web steel joists
LH Series 96 Standard specifications for long span steel joists
DLH Series 144 Deep long span steel joists

Steel Joist Girders

Steel Joist Girders are designed as simple spans supporting equally spaced concentrated loads of a floor or roof system. Steel Joist Girders are designed to allow for the efficient use of steel in longer spans for primary framing members.

Benefits of Steel Joist Girders

  • Lighter
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Typically erection costs are less
  • Wider joist spacing provides a floor system with better vibration characteristics.