Benefits         Underline

Speed of Construction: the structural components are engineered, pre-fabricated to structural tolerances ensuring fewer delays thus reducing construction time.
Simple: easy to install, no second-guessing and fewer mistakes.
Cost Effective: savings of 20% or more can be realized by using Lite-Weight steel and concrete as compared to conventional concrete methods of construction.
Resale Value: eliminate problems relating to shrinkage, rotting, corrosion and cracks in the interior and exterior finishes. Structures retain their aesthetic integrity and value.
Safety: non-combustible components enhance fire and seismic ratings, surpassing most local building codes.
Savings: speed and efficiency contribute to profits and savings to builders and consumers.
Easy to Re-model: the flexibility of the system and longer spans between load bearing steel stud walls allow easy design changes and interior renovations.
Call Backs: shrinkage and warping of structures is minimized so problems such as settlement, cracking and nail pops do not occur. Troublesome and expensive callbacks are minimized.
Sound: the Silent-Building System™ employs state of the art acoustical technology.
Green Projects: no old growth forest will be wasted for your project, saving our natural resources. The Lite-Weight steel frames are manufactured from recycled steel.
No Waste: there is little clean up and not site waste because recycled steel stud walls and open web joists are manufactured off site.
Lite-Weight: MBS™ Lite-Weight steel technology affords some of the best weight to strength ratios available.
Mechanical Services: The MBS™ System employs open web steel joists and galvanized steel studs complete with pre-punched knockouts allowing electrical wiring, HVAC ducts, plumbing and sprinklers to be expediently installed.
No Termites/Bugs: MBS™ technically is 100% termite, insect and vermin proof.
Guarantee: all material and labour are guaranteed to building codes and standards for a 12-month period.