Light Gauge Steel FramingUnderline

The MBS™ light gauge steel framing wall assemblies are designed to meet fire and sound transmission ratings. The MBS Building system will meet or exceed local building codes. The Mega Walls™ are manufactured from high yield galvanized structural steel studs. Load bearing steel stud walls are preloaded and fabricated to engineered design specifications under controlled conditions, ensuring consistent quality and maximum load bearing capabilities. There is little clean up and no site waste because the recycled steel stud walls and open web joists are manufactured off site. With Mega Floors™ and Mega Walls™ engineering and construction services, MBS™ can provide assistance with the design and construction of residential or commercial projects.

Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Framing

  • Suitable for residential & commercial applications
  • Light weight
  • Non-combustible
  • Foundations are less expensive
  • Erection time is reduced
  • Offsite manufacture leads to more precise construction
  • Structurally engineered
  • Made from high yield galvanized steel
  • No shrinkage or waste