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MBS™ will do a complete assessment of your project and provide the most cost effective approach to framing your building. A cost analysis, scope of work and an outline for potential cost savings will be provided to you. MBS’ Mega Systems™ design, manufacturing, supply and erection services take into account all aspects of light gauge steel framing systems, steel and concrete floor systems. This will allow you to capitalize on the many benefits of using the Mega Systems™.

MBS™ will work closely with your architectural and engineering design team to maximize the savings and benefits without compromising the projects architecture. Our designers are qualified and experienced.


The MBS™ construction system is built from non-combustible materials consisting of panelled steel stud walls, poured concrete floors supported by open web steel joists which employ an Isolation-Beam™. The Isolation-Beam™ enhances fire retardation, sound separation and vibration dampening. MBS™ offers the system turn key including the construction and erection of the structural components as a design assist package.

Supply and Installation

MBS™ manufactures the Mega Structures™ and Mega-Super Structures™ components off site, so the site erection is quicker than conventional building methods and comes on line for faster occupancy. The MBS™Lite-Weight™ construction technology affords some of the best weight to strength ratios available which saves more money by reducing the foundation work required.

MBS™ offers Mega Structures™ and Mega Super-Structures™ consulting services, construction and renovation services, engineering design services for light gauge steel framing systems and steel and concrete floors, and civil engineering services for both residential and commercial building construction.